Basic Qualifications – You must be at least 16 years of age to solo an aircraft with a student pilot certificate and 17 years of age to obtain your private pilots license. You must be able to fluently read, speak and understand English and obtain a third-class medical certificate. Note: Although a student pilot must be 16 before flying solo with a student pilot certificate, and 17 to obtain a license, it is not uncommon for students begin flying lessons as early as 14 years of age.

Knowledge Requirements – You must pass a proctored written exam at an approved testing center that demonstrates your understanding of a variety of topics such as airspace, airport operations, navigation, and weather.

Flight Training Requirements – You must complete a minimum 40 hours flight time with an instructor and also solo flight time. These lessons cover flight maneuvers, navigation, basic instrument operations and night flight.

Proficiency Requirements – You must demonstrate safe and proficient skills while performing a number of flight maneuvers with an FAA pilot examiner. The FAA requires you to pass a comprehensive practical exam that includes a verbal exam and flight exam prior to awarding you a private pilot certificate.

Students are not allowed to carry passengers on solo flights. However, a passenger may observe a flight lesson with the approval of a flight instructor. Once a private pilot certificate is earned this will allow you to fly and carry passengers in good weather conditions. A private pilot may not pay less than their share of the flight. i.e. If a pilot takes 2 passengers, they may not pay less than 1/3 of the flight.

The FAA minimum requirement is 40 hours flight time, but it is not uncommon for students to require more time to be safe, proficient pilots. The national average is 60 to 70 hours and our average at Genesis is 55-60 hours. The typical student schedule is to fly one or two times per week for 1.5 – 2.0 hour lessons, so it will usually take 4 – 8 months to complete the private pilot certification.

Weather, aptitude and other variables may impact your training timeline with the greatest factor being the frequency of your lessons. Students who take 2-3 lessons per week will typically require fewer flight hours than a student who flies once per month. In our experience students who commit to take 2-3 lessons per week earn their private pilot license in as little as 90 days, while others have taken 12-24 months to earn their license.

Flight training is divided into 3 stages. Typically, a student will solo at the completion of stage 1. The flight instructor will monitor progress and continually give more responsibilities to the student as their flight training progresses. When the student is proficient in preflight and ground operations, specific aerial maneuvers, takeoffs and landings, and conducts the flight with little to no help with the instructor, it is time for solo!

Your first solo typically includes three take-offs and landings, and generally occurs within the first 25 hours of training.

There are a number of reasons to select Genesis for your flight training:

We have an excellent team of professional FAA certified flight instructors. Our flexible instructors are willing to accommodate your work and family schedule, including weekdays, nights, and weekends. Our instructors coupled with our quality aircraft offer the right combination to help you become a safe, competent pilot in a timely manner.

Cessna 162s offer the latest in full-glass avionics in a fun and affordable Lights Sport aircraft. Cessna 172s offer a consistent avionics platform across all 4 aircraft to accommodate your training and rental needs.

Genesis Aero is located at Georgetown Municipal Airport (KGTU), just off of I-35 and Toll 130 we are a quick drive from Austin. Our location offers the benefit of working with air traffic control while efficiently utilizing your time in the aircraft with the small airport feel.

We offer the flexibility of an online scheduling system. Students can access Schedule Pointe from our home page at 24 hours a day to schedule their instructors and aircraft. The system helps you track your upcoming flights with customizable text and email alerts.

Genesis offers an onsite full-service pilot shop for all of your flying needs. We carry the latest aviation products, FAA charts and training materials.

We are proud to have an experienced certified A&P mechanic on staff. This ensures superiorly maintained aircraft for our clients and also reduces the time our aircraft are on the ground. Our aircraft are inspected every 50 hours to ensure the highest quality and safety of each and every flight.

To begin flight training you need proof of U.S. citizenship (birth certificate and driver’s license or U.S. issued passport) and a signed copy of the Genesis Aero Rental Agreement and Safety Polices and Procedures. Prior to your first solo flight you will need a medical and student pilot certificate. If you are not a U.S. citizen other documentation must be submitted to TSA. For help or more information on this procedure please contact us.

We offer the convenience of an online scheduling system. Students can access Schedule Pointe from our home page at 24 hours a day to schedule their instructors and aircraft. Online scheduling gives you the flexibility to schedule one lesson at a time or months in advance – whatever is convenient for you. The system helps you track your upcoming flights with customizable text and email alerts.

Payment can be made each time you fly or have a ground lesson via cash, check, or credit card. You may also place a deposit on your account and have each flight deducted from your balance. Genesis offers discounts when depositing funds on account via cash or check for select services. Please contact our office for more details.