Cirrus Limited Approved Service Center

What does that mean?

If your aircraft is enrolled in our management program we can complete all warranty work. We have factory trained Cirrus maintenance technicians on staff with extensive experience.

Available Cirrus Upgrades

Orion LED Wing Strobe Upgrade
Beringer Brake System
LoPresti Landing Light Upgrades
Digital Fuel Level Kit
Custom Carpet Kits
Interior seat rebuild and recover

LoPresti Boom Beam Landing Light

The brightest landing light available for your Cirrus, the LoPresti Boom Beam utilizes the most advanced HID lighting technology to provide 600% more light than a legacy landing light. With 85 watts of light output and light temperatures that most closely mimics natural daylight, your Cirrus will see and be seen.

Whelen Orion 600 LED Wingtip Light

Lightweight and intensely bright, the Orion 600 LED high-visibility wingtip light makes your plane more visible, providing increased safety in high-traffic areas like the airport environment. Built using the most modern LED technology, the Orion 600 lights are 4 pounds lighter than legacy wingtip lights and have exceptional reliability and longevity, meaning more time between light changes and reduced maintenance costs.
wingtip lights
beringer brake option 2

Beringer Braking System

The Beringer Braking System, available with single or dual caliper, provides superior braking action for all runway surfaces, enhanced responsiveness for all ground operations and more effective cooling when you need it most. Designed for a longer brake life, you will also enjoy reduced maintenance costs.

CiES Digital Fuel Gauges

Accurate, safe and reliable fuel gauges you can trust to 1/10 of a gallon. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing exactly how much fuel is on board at all times and the ease of viewing the fuel quantity on the high-definition digital gauge or on the MFD in Cirrus Perspective installations.
fuel selector upgrade

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Pre-Purchase Inspection
Annual Inspection
100 hr Inspection
Routine and Preventative Maintenance
Sheet Metal
Plastics and Carpet Installation
Piston Engine Overhaul Management
Logbook Research
Maintenance Tracking
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Troy Polander
A&P IA Director of Maintenance
Troy has been with Genesis since 2015 when he started his career with fixed wing aircraft. Prior, Troy served in the military working on and crewing military helicopters. He graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University’s Aviation Maintenance Technician program in 2014.