Matt Shidler – Chief Flight Instructor, CFI, CFII, MEI, CSIP

Matt started flying in 2005 and has been a flight instructor since 2010. He graduated in 2009 from Indiana State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Aviation Flight Technology.

Matt is a CSIP (Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot), qualified in both Perspective and Avidyne avionics, with more than 1000 hours of instruction given in Cirrus Aircraft . He also has experience as a corporate pilot flying throughout North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean in several different aircraft including the Citation CJ3, Pilatus PC-12, and Piaggio P180 Avantii. Matt enjoys passing the knowledge and experience that he has gained on to his students and seeing them succeed.

Wyatt DuCharme – Assistant Chief Flight Instructor, CFI, CFII, TCI

Wyatt is the 5th person in his family to obtain a pilot’s license. After being introduced to flying by his mom, he obtained most of his certificates through Montana State University along with an associate’s degree in Applied Science of Aviation. He received his CFI and CFII in Georgia. Wyatt has been flying for the last 6 years and has instructed students in Georgia, Florida, California, Idaho and now Texas for the past 2 years. When he is not flying he enjoys hunting, fishing, and hiking.

Brian Browning – CFI, AGI

My passion for teaching and aviation was passed down by my parents. After a 30-year career in software sales, I figured it was time to go do what I love the most; flying and teaching. My passion is helping those who dream of becoming a pilot to attain the confidence and skills to realize their dream. A great day for me is watching a student have that epiphany where they realize that becoming a pilot is within their grasp. My other passions, that take a second seat to aviation of course, are soccer, guitar, and quotable B-movies.

Hunter Mashburn – CFI, CFII, MEI

Hunter spent the entirety of his life in Stephenville, Texas. His passion for Aviation started at the age of 15 when he took private lessons out of enjoyment. Hunter loves flying due to its constant challenges and for the ability to explore and visit new places. He started his journey to become a pilot at the University of Oklahoma and finished his pilot certifications in Arizona. He moved back to Texas in the Spring of 2021. When Hunter isn’t flying, he is fishing, playing golf, or spending time outdoors. Hunter loves flying with his students and he enjoys giving them the same exceptional experience he had as a student.

Tiffany Moniz – CFI, CFII, TCI

Tiffany is from Marble Falls, Texas. She found her love for aviation after 12 years in retail management. She spent 6 years in Aero-Space Engineering for GE Aviation building and overseeing production control of composite fan blades. She’s the first in her family to take on the aviation journey. Tiffany enjoys spending her free time going on road trips, traveling, hiking, swimming, kayaking, going to Buc-ee’s and of course flying airplanes!

Christian Cutbirth – CFI

Christian is from Houston, Texas and is the first pilot in his family. He found his passion for flying shortly after high school when he did his first discovery flight and realized the office views are much sweeter at altitude. Christian has now been flying for five years and instructing for over two years. His favorite part about instructing is seeing his student’s confidence grow, as they build their skills and knowledge in becoming safe pilots. In Christian’s free time he enjoys golf, soccer, hiking and spending time with family.

Braeden Dang – CFI, CFII

Braeden has loved aviation since he was a kid. He started flying at Ohio University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Aviation Flight and Management. Braeden has always had a love for instructing and helping others to succeed. When he is not flying, Braeden enjoys hanging out with his dogs, swimming, and hiking. His aviation goals are to fly for the airlines to eventually one day own his own plane!

Grace Young – CFI, CFII, TCI

Grace found her passion for flying while in her senior year of college. She studied Environmental Science at UCLA in Los Angeles, California, and began her aviation journey with a discovery flight in the summer of 2021. She fell in love with flying and chose to pursue a career in aviation after earning her degree. Grace was born and raised in Texas and is happy to be flying in familiar skies. In her free time, Grace enjoys camping, traveling, cooking, playing golf, and painting. She loves seeing her students gain confidence in the plane and hopes to make their flying journey as enjoyable as hers has been!

Zeth McCloud – CFI, CFII

Zeth was born and raised in a small town in Central Illinois, where he always dreamed of becoming a pilot. He joined the United States Navy and served 4 years as an Avionics Technician where being in aviation, his passion and drive to become a pilot grew. After the military, he earned his Associate of Science in Aviation from Parkland College Institute of Aviation. He enjoys teaching and sharing his aviation journey with his students, as well as finds enjoyment in helping his students achieve their aviation milestones and goals. When he’s not flying he enjoys hanging out with friends, road trips, and being outdoors.

Tyler Hill – CFI, CFII

Tyler found instructing before he found flying. Working as a snowboard instructor in Portland Oregon, one of his co-workers introduced him to flying. At the end of 2018 Tyler made the move to Las Vegas to begin his aviation journey. Now here in Texas, Tyler spends his free time exploring the area, reading, and baking. Sharing in the successful moments with his students, when it all clicks and makes sense, is what Tyler has always loved most about instructing.

Jeremy Charles – CFI, CFII

Jeremy is a first-generation aviator, who cultivated an unwavering passion for aviation by exploring the world. He started flying at Lewis University in Chicago, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Aviation Flight Administration and minors in Flight and Aircraft Dispatch. Hailing from the British Virgin Islands, Jeremy’s interests stretch beyond flying. When he’s not up in the air, he is swimming, enjoying soccer games, and spending time with friends. Jeremy truly enjoys the aviation journey and helping students achieve their goals. One thing that makes Jeremy stand out is his genuine love for flying tailwheel airplanes – a unique aspect of his aviation journey that he cherishes.